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  1. A Process of Photoelimination of Ethidium Bromide, a Potent Mutagen - Geetha Balakrishna. R, Santhosh. S. M, Swetha. S, Ref. No. IPR/4.18:1/10025, Filed on 26 April 2010
  2. A Process of disinfection of water using broader spectrum of solar radiation - Geetha Balakrishna. R and Swetha. S. Ref. No. 3516/CHE/2010, Filed on 23 November 2010
  3. A Process of rapid detection of food and water borne pathogens - Geetha Balakrishna. R, Krishna Venkatesh, Ravi Kumar Kadeppagari and Swetha. S. Ref. No. 3517/CHE/2010, Filed on 23 November 2010
  4. Composite paste to buildup surfaces and the process of making the paste - K.Gopalakrishna, C.B.Mohan. Under Process