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Creditable Achievement

  1. Radio Modem @867 MHz, 1 Mbps data transfer rate and weighing 6 gms.
  2. Relay Transfer of data and video using airborne repeaters for MAV
  3. CNT based Thermal Interface Material for Heat Transfer Applications.
  4. Novel Additive for Lubricant.
  5. Imaging System to study oil flow pattern and oil groove geometry.
  6. Polymer based MICAV through a combination of Hot Pressing, Injection Molding and Thermo Vaccum Forming.
  7. 3D printed Micro Air Vehicle
  8. First Indian Team in the History of SAE Aero Design, USA to have registered a podium finish at SAE and subsequently 5 times in a row.

Innovative Prototypes (In progress)

  1. Transitioning based Micro VTOL.
  2. CNT based Supercapacitor to be used as power back up.
  3. Microbe Based Fuel Cell.
  4. Enzyme based bio-receptor to act as sensor to detect gases.
  5. Rapid Prototyped Components for the Human Space Programme.
  6. Micro Robotic Fish
  7. Mini Amphibian