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New Initiative

Omics Biology addressing proteomics, metabolomics, antivenomics and management of venomous bites. Other activities would include:

  1. Structure-Function Studies of toxins.
  2. Identification of therapeutic molecules from venoms in treatment of various diseases.
  3. Development of First-aid Methodologies and Diagnostic kit for Snakebite envenomation.
  4. Characterization of secretary bio molecules from diverse sources for their therapeutic utility.
  5. Ethanopharmacological investigation for discovery of lead molecules for various diseases.
  6.  Biochemical, Pharmacological & Toxicological Studies, Venominformatics

Surface Interactions

  1. The work involves studying surface activity and related chemical changes at the atomic level
    (i) Near surface atomic hopping processes along different orientations of a ceria nanocrystal
    (ii) Surface oxidation state changes compared to bulk values - direct indication in ceria’s immense redox ability.
  2. Use of in-situ aberration corrected TEM / STEM

Biopolymeric materials for medical, environmental and energy applications

Luminous Efficiency of Different Lighting Systems

Scaffolds for tissue engineering

Luminous Efficiency of Different Lighting Systems

Composites from wheat straw, chicken feathers

Luminous Efficiency of Different Lighting Systems

Thermoplastics from agricultural wastes, bioenergy coproducts

Biomimicking Turtle shell

Biomimicking Turtle shell
  Biomimicking Turtle shell

Ant Silks

Microwave Radiometer and a Radar for ice studies with applications in climate change

Biomimicking Turtle shell

Radiometric Measurements
  Radiometer 36 GHz

Radiometer 36 GHz

Protein Folding and Misfolding in Diabetes and Alzheimer's Diseases
Alzheimer's disease (AD) and type II diabetes (T2D) are associated with amyloid aggregation into fibrillar β-sheet structures where toxicity results from amyloid-membrane interactions. These effects are being investigated through various imaging (AFM, TEM and FM) and spectroscopic techniques (NMR, CD and MALDI) and molecular dynamics (MD) simulations.


Peptide fibrils and their nanoscale morphological images

Development of Novel Nanocomposite Membranes for Pervaporation & Fuel Cell Applications
The effect of graphene loading on the physicochemical properties, micro-morphology and barrier performance of the derived nanocomposite membranes was investigated as a function of temperature and feed water composition of the alcoholic mixture.

Nanocomposite Membranes

Biofuel Production and Corrosion Studies
The efficacy of biofuel as an automotive fuel is well recognized. In the recent years several initiatives are being taken in India to bring this fuel from the fields to the wheels. With biodiesel production and consumption continuing to be a major component of the motor-fuel pool, there is a profound need for materials and equipment that are capable of handling its production, transportation, handling and storage. Hence, we are currently working on the production of biofuels and to minimize corrosion.

Rotating cage

Rotating cage